Melissa Adams, LICSW           Counseling and Coaching Services


Talk with a trained professional

The words 'counseling' and 'therapy' are often used interchangeably in today's vocabulary. They both mean talking with a trained professional about important problems and challenges that you face in life. As a mental health professional, I bring education and experience into a helping relationship, which provides my clients with a confidential environment where they can address a number of issues.  Counseling can help individuals, couples and families. 

Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, together we can find solutions

Common Therapy Issues:

     Depression                                                                                 Grief                                                        Anxiety or Constant Worrying              Marital Problems                                                                         Divorce                                                    Blending Families
     Teen Issues                                                                                Parenting Challenges                                Family Anger or Violence                    Recovery from Trauma                                                                 Life changes



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