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Frequently Asked Questions

   While each person's situation is unique, there are similar questions that many people have when first looking for counseling services.

If you have a question that isn't listed here, please call or email me. Seeking counseling can feel like a very vulnerable step to take, and I want you to feel comfortable that you have chosen the right place to get that help. Sometimes just hearing the voice of a counselor is enough to help you feel more at ease, regardless of whether you end up choosing to see me or choosing someone else. 

Will my health insurance cover my counseling costs?
     Many health insurance policies now have mental health benefits, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. All policies are different, so the best thing to do is to call the number on the back side of your insurance card and ask about your mental health benefits. 
     I can help you plan which questions to ask ahead of time, if you would prefer to call me before calling your insurance. 

How much will it cost me out of pocket? 
     That depends upon the benefits of your health care policy, your deductible, and whether I am in your preferred provider network or not. I am in many networks, and if you call, I can tell you if I am in your insurance network or not. You may still be able to see me, even if I'm not "in network" with your company, but your out of pocket cost may be more.
     Some policies have a deductible that needs to be met, which will be your cost. Others have a co-pay per session which is your cost. You can get the details of your plan by calling your insurance company. If you are unsure what to ask when you contact your company I can help you decide that before you contact them. 

Are there certain problems that counseling cannot help?
     There are some emotional difficulties that require a combination of therapy/counseling and other forms of treatment. I have not yet found a situation wherein counseling was not helpful in some way. 

How often are appointments scheduled and how long do they last? 
     Appointments typically last 45-60 minutes, depending upon what insurance allows. Most people like to begin by coming once or twice per week, and then come less frequently as they begin to feel better. 

How many appointments will it take to fix my situation? 
     That is determined by many factors, including your scheduling availability, and other circumstance in your life. Some people come for three months and feel "good to go". Others come for three months to a year. Some clients come more than twelve months, if they have ongoing issues to deal with, such as disabling health problems. It is really up to you to determine how long you want to be in counseling. Some people come for a while, then take a break and then come back again for a while. 

Do I have to take medication if I go to counseling? 
     You do not have to take medication to get a benefit from counseling. Many people benefit the best from combing both medication and therapy, but that is a decision that you can make. If you and I work together and determine that medication might be beneficial, I can work with your primary physician or refer you to someone who can prescribe medications. If you are already taking medication for mood or anxiety symptoms, I am willing to coordinate my services with your doctor, if you choose. 

How do I know if I (we) need couple's counseling or individual? 
     Sometimes relationship difficulties benefit from each person having their own individual therapy sessions first, and then coming together to do joint sessions.  You will want to talk with your partner and your counselor to determine whether individual or joint or a combination of both is the best plan for your particular situation. 

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